One school district superintendent has observed that the 21C initiative “made the county smaller.”

Because 21C …

  • Convenes & acts as an intermediary

At meetings of all the county’s FRC coordinators, key staff of agencies and organizations share detailed information their services and programs. These introductions allow coordinators to deliver informed referrals, and also lead to new programs and partnerships.

– On average, 200 community groups support school projects through the FRCs.

– Families recognize FRC coordinators as trusted sources of information.

– 21C connects organizations and people to schools and their FRC coordinators with ease.

  • Trains

21C shares best practices on Rockland’s FRC components: family support, family and community engagement, early childhood, and student development. Programs are improved as a result of 21C’s trainings and technical assistance on program assessment. Why are programs working and how might they be improved?

National topics and trends are brought to Rockland by 21C, such as on school attendance, literacy, school health policies, and much more.

– 21C offers at least 10 formal trainings throughout a school year and provides technical assistance to its partners daily. Specialists from New York University, Yale University, the Institute for Educational Leadership, and others, have provided their expertise to FRC coordinators at the 21C-led monthly coordinator meetings.

Builds capacity

21C staff participates in countywide initiatives, such as the school health coalition to the immigration coalition, YouthFest, Better Baby Care campaign, children’s advocacy network, promoting the Earned Income Tax Credit, and more. This helps unite activities taking place in schools with those taking place in the larger community. Improving family and student literacy is a key focus of 21C’s energies and its fundraising efforts.

Board members pass along information from their peer groups. As leaders, they also share their wisdom; their generosity provides the nonprofit with a firm footing and saves us from many problems.

Photo of Rose Mary - PCHP– Rockland 21C facilitates the implementation of the national research-proven early literacy program, Parent-Child Home which is offered by 3 districts and 2 nonprofits serving about 70 families every year. One district analyzed the student performance data of program graduates who were then in third grade. Of those still living in the district, 92 percent were reading at or above grade level.

– 21C’s work with the county’s department of health to use FRCs to promote free and low-cost health insurance programs to families grew into a complex multi-year, multi-organization partnership that supported 85 percent of Rockland schools as they assessed and improved their health environments, leveraging state Steps to a HealthierNY funds. 21C continues its mature partnership with the health department through its participation on the Rockland School Health & Wellness Coalition’s Steering Committee and Professional Development workgroup. FRC’s, working with the county’s Department of Health and the School Health and Wellness Coalition, inform parents about local resources for free and low-cost health insurance programs, dental check-ups, and health and mental health care programs with a focus on prevention.

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