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The North Rockland, East Ramapo, and Nyack school districts, along with the Nanuet Family Resource Center, run the early-literacy, parenting and school readiness program for toddlers called Parent-Child Home (PCHP). Rockland 21C helps provide staffing and training as a result of an innovative partnership with the Rockland County Youth Bureau’s AmeriCorps program. Many home visitors are AmeriCorps members–some funded through a grant 21C received from United Way of Rockland and others by donations garnered by 21C—and other families are visited by staff funded by the school districts. Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute helps with payment of staff in North Rockland.

PCHP research done nationally shows that children who graduate from the two-year program enter school on an equal footing with their more affluent peers and maintain, even exceed, that level as they progress through school. Throughout the program, parents’ verbal interaction with their children increases; children explore and interact with their environment; children increase their expressive abilities by using more vocabulary; and they begin to communicate more frequently.

Children in Rockland who participate in the program are expressing their emotions appropriately, are exercising impulse control, and are demonstrating social skills, including turn-taking and interpersonal skills. In the past few years, families obtained an average score equal to or greater than 3.0 across the program’s assessment items in their first year of the program. These scores can take two years to achieve, but have been achieved in one. An informal look at the oldest cohort of Rockland graduates shows that all are now conscientious middle-school students.

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